TV & Radio

BBC World Television Interview (21st May 2015)
interview with Nicholas Taylor (duration 5.06)

K24 Television News, Kenya (21st May 2015)
News report (duration 3.13)

Wall Street Journal, USA
News report (duration 2.27)

News report (duration 0.55)

Newsbeat, USA
News report (duration 0.52)

BBC Radio 4 (UK) Newsreport (21st May 2015). With comment by Nicholas Taylor (duration 0.59)

ABC Radio (Australia) Newsreport (21st May 2015). With comment by Jason Lewis and Nicholas Taylor  (duration 3.32)

National Public Radio (USA) ‘Chipping away at the mystery of the oldest stone tools ever found (20th May 2015). With comment by Sonia Harmand and Jason Lewis (duration 3.33)

CBC Radio podcast (USA) ‘Quirks and Quarks’ (23rd May 2015). Interview with Jason Lewis (duration 13.10)

Nature Audio (UK) (May 2015) ‘Finds out the challenges of making stone tools’. Interview with Sonia Harmand and Jason Lewis (duration 6.10)

Radio France International (France) ‘Autour de la question’ (7th April 2016). Interview (in French) with Sonia Harmand and Sandrine Prat (duration: 46.00)

France Culture (France) ‘Le salon noir: les plus vieux outils du monde’ (2nd June 2015. Interview (in French) with Sonia Harmand, Sandrine Prat, and Hélène Roche (duration: 29.22)

France Inter (France) ‘La tete au carré: Top 5 discoveries of 2015’ (30th December 2015). Interview (in French) with Sonia Harmand and Hélène Roche (duration: 12.06, begins at 3.50)