Sammy Lokorodi


Sammy became a member of the WTAP in 2005. He has expertise not only in identifying fossils in the field, but also as a Stone Tool Hunter. Sammy is the discoverer of the Lomekwi 3 stone tools, and has been at the forefront of many of the WTAP team’s scientific discoveries.

When Sammy is not working with the team in the field, he lives in the village of Nariokotome with his family and takes care of his cattle and goats.

In his own words

What do you like about being in the field in Turkana? 
“I really like walking all day long and especially to places where people do not often go. I also like communicating with people – local Turkana, people from other countries, and other Kenyans – to know what is going on and translating between different languages: Swahili, Turkana, and English”

What do you miss when you are in the field?
“I really miss watching athletics when it is on the TV in Nariokotome town, I miss my kids, and I also really miss my occasional Ice Cream!”